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A simple step in restoring the lost photos in the data transmission process!


Sometimes when we take many pictures in the camera and want to transfer them to my computer,I don't know what's going on.These pictures are lost in the process of transmission.What should we do in this situation?Let's see it together.

When losing photos on the camera after data transfer,please search it immediately in both the camera and the computer first.If you previously chose to'Cut'the photo but failed to'Paste'it on the computer,you may try pasting it again(paste in a place where there is enough space).If the photos can be pasted again,congratulations,your picture is back.Otherwise,you need use a data recovery software to retrieve the lost camera photos.

Mac Data Recovery

The method of data recovery using professional data recovery software:

A professional Mac data recovery software from DogDataRecovery for Mac,

DogDataRecovery for Mac is greatly helpful for you to retrieve your lost camera data on computer.The software is available for both Mac and Windows users.With it,you can easily handle multiple data loss accidents.Next,we will teach you how to use it get back your lost pictures from digital camera within simple clicks.

Step 1:Select file types you want to recover.

Mac Data Recovery

What types of files you want to recover?DogDataRecovery for Mac Free allows you to filter file types before it scans your formatted hard drive.Or you just let it find all types of files for you.

Step 2:Scan your formatted hard drive.

Mac Data Recovery

Select your formatted hard drive.If you format your Mac HD,just select the Mac HD.Then click on“Scan”button to search the formatted hard drive and find all deleted/lost files.

Step 3:Preview and recover files after scanning.

Mac Data Recovery

After scanning,you can preview and recover the deleted files.

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