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A way to easily recover lost music files


Audio file is one of the most common files in our digital life.The music,the voice recording,and the voice audio are frequently used files on our computer.It does not mean that the audio files are prone to data loss.However,data loss can happened on any device,at any time/anywhere.

For example,you always delete files and empty the recycle bin.After deleting audio files to the recycle bin and then you empty it,you can’t restore the deleted audio files because the recycle is emptied.In this article,we are going to give you a solution to retrieve lost audio files with special tool even the recycle bin has been emptied or the hard drive was formatted.

When you delete files or format the hard drive,the deleted files or formatted files are not lost forever.The operations only remove the entry of the files and make the disk space of the lost files are available for other files.Before the disk space of the lost files is overwritten by other files,you have the chance to get them back with special tool or method.But remember you’d better don’t put new files to the hard drive where you lose your files to prevent overwriting.

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Retrieve Lost Audio Files with Data Recovery Tool

DIY data recovery software is the tool you just need.We have found the best data recovery software for you.Dog Data Recovery for Mac is an powerful yet totally free tool that can help you easily retrieve deleted/lost audio files,what it can do,see bellow:

Retrieve lost audio,voice,music files including mp3,mp4,wav,wma,OGG,APE,AAC and more.It also can recover other kinds of data like documents,photos,videos,emails,archives,etc.

Data recovery from any kind of device like PC,Mac,hard drive,digital camera,digital recorder,music player,external hard drive,SD/memory card,mobile phone card,etc.

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