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Can I Recover Deleted Files from My External Hard Drive?


Using external hard disks to store computer data is becoming very common these days.This removable storage device allows users to save and backup huge amount of important personal and business data.People often use removal hard disks as they have attractive features such as its large storage capacity,portable in nature i.e.they can be easily carried with you to use and transfer data just by connecting to any computer via cable.All these factors make external hard drives as the no.1 choice to share and backup your pictures,movies,songs,documents with your colleagues,family or friends.

In spite of its uses,you may face some troubles while using these external hard drives which leads to loss of data stored on your external hdd.For example:you wanted to delete a file,but accidentally deleted the entire folder by hitting delete key.And the worse is that,you can’t find that deleted folder in the Recycle Bin.This makes you to lose vital data from the disk.So if you want to undelete these files from external hard drive then here is a way.Just read the article to find out how it is done.

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What happens when you delete files from External HDD?

No matter whether you used Delete key or Shift Delete keys to erase files or folders from external hard disk,they won’t get stored in Windows Recycle Bin;instead they bypass Recycle Bin and will get lost.But first thing you must know is that deleting a file or folder from the external hard drive does not lead to permanent data loss.If you would like to get those files back even after losing them,then you should immediately stop using the external hard drive and make sure you do not add any new data onto portable hard disk.

This would result in overwriting of deleted data and thus leads to permanent data loss.Therefore you need to take quick action if you want to retrieve precious data that was deleted from external hard disk.File recovery software would be a perfect option for retrieval of files from removable hard drive.

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File deletion from external hard drive occurs due to the below explained causes:

1.Human Errors:Sometimes you might erase important data from external hard drive rather than unwanted data when it is connected to computer for accessing information.

2.Malware Attack:Viruses like Worm,Trojan horse,etc can infect the external hard drive and sometimes remove certain files or folders without your knowledge.

3.Mishandling the Device:Using the same external device on different OS like Windows and Mac or ejecting external drive while copying or moving files might lead to file deletion.

4.Other Reasons:Other reasons include application error,hardware malfunction,improper removal,sudden power failure and many more.

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