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Can You Recover Files from Flash Drive after Formatting?


“Assume a situation;you have a USB drive whose file system is FAT.In order to get enhanced features,you thought of converting its file system from FAT to NTFS.But while converting you forgot to take backup of important files.After formatting you realized that you have lost many of your important files.”

In such situation you might feel bad thinking that because of your one mistake you lost all the files from USB drive.But the truth is,the files still remain in your USB drive,only thing is you cannot access them.In order to access them,you have to recover it by making use of recovery software.

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Nowadays,many users store lots of files including documents,photos,music files,videos in USB flash drives.Always carrying personal computer or laptop is not possible due to its large size so USB drive plays important role in this regard.Because of its smaller size and large storage capacities,it can be easily carried everywhere.Although they offer greater help,they are more prone to file loss.One reason behind loss of files from USB drive is formatting.Formatting happens in many ways.Some of them are:

1.Format Error Messages:Upon connecting your USB drive to the computer,you might see an error message like“The drive is not formatted.Do you want to format it now”?Etc.These kinds of errors usually appear when your system is not able to recognize your USB drive’s file system.If you click on“Yes”all the files present in your USB drive will be erased.On the other hand if you click on“No”then you cannot access your flash drive.So in order to reuse the USB drive you have to format it,which results in file loss.

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2.Unintentional Formatting:Unintentional formatting happens when you wrongly format a drive that had important files rather than partition which you intended to format on hard drive.In a hurry you may choose flash drive and format it without checking the files.

3.Intentional Formatting:Sometimes intentional formatting of USB drive is required in order to remove viruses present in it or to make flash drive free from corruption.If you have updated backup of files,then you are at the safe end.But if you forget to backup the files then you might lose the files present in it.

Well,when you format your USB drive,the files present in it will not get erased permanently.What happens is,it creates new file system and makes free space in order to store new files.But it doesn’t mean that the files are lost forever.As said earlier it remains in your USB drive in inaccessible state and to get access to those files,you need to recover it first.

Dog Data Recovery software is the professional file recovery software that has the ability to recover files from all USB manufacturer brands like Transcend,SanDisk,Kingston,HP,Sony,LaCie,iBall,etc.Other than formatted files,you can also restore missing files lost due to any reasons.Moreover,you can perform file recovery from hard drives,external hard drives,memory cards,iPods,etc on Windows OS by using this application.

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