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Case scenarios for deleting data from USB flash drive


1.Unintentional Deletion:You may remove particular file from flash drive carelessly or without any intention.This leads will permanently delete that file from flash drive as deleted files from externally connected drives do not get stored in Recycle Bin.

2.Inadvertent Format:Sometimes users may accidentally format their USB drive instead of formatting a particular partition on Windows 7 system.Users may commit such faults when you are in urgency for any auspicious meeting or occasion.

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3.Sudden System Shutdown:Turning off the computer abnormally while file transferring process is still going on from USB drive to system,may leads to data loss.

4.Anti-virus Scan:When your USB drive is infected by viruses,then you go for an anti-virus application that clear viruses and during this process some of your important files might get deleted from flash drive.In some scenarios unauthenticated anti-virus software may vanish your important and valuable files into ether thereby bring about data loss.

It becomes a frustrating situation when you discover that you have missing important official documents,favorite movie files,holiday trip pictures and anniversary clicks,etc which was preserved on your USB flash drive.Don’t worry!!!As mentioned earlier you can restore data from USB drive using third party utility like Dog Data Recovery.

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