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Causes of data loss from pen drive


1、Format Error:“The Drive F:is not formatted,do you want to format it now”.Sometimes this error message pops up as soon as you connect your pen drive to the system.This forces you to format pen drive before usage and hence results in data loss

2、Accidental Deletion:If you accidentally delete some of your files from your pen drive when it is connected to the computer,then it does not get redirected to recycle bin.Hence leads to data from it

3、Not using"Safely Remove Hardware"Option:If you eject your pen drive directly without using this option then you might lose data from your pen drive

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4、Unexpected Power Failure:If power failure occurs while transferring data from your pen drive to PC then it results in data loss from your pen drive

5、Virus Attack:If you connect your pen drive to the system which is infected by virus then it might enter your pen drive also,leaving all the files inaccessible

No matter what cases you met and lost data from your pen drive,do not attempt to copy additional files into it before attempting file recovery as this will overwrite the files and make them lose forever.

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