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I was moving few of my important files from one folder to other using Cut-Paste options,where my computer froze all of sudden and halted file transfer process.I waited for it to respond but it didn’t,so I eventually just right clicked on the folder in the taskbar and clicked“close”and then“end now”.

When I restarted my PC and went back to the folders which I was moving,there were no files in it.I don’t know why files went missing from folder,where they were present earlier.Is there some way through which I can retrieve lost files after cut and paste?

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Yodot File Recovery is wonderful file retrieval software to restore lost files while moving from one drive to another using cut-paste method.This tool is designed with advanced features to scan your storage drive for finding and extracting missing files based on their unique file signatures.

It can recover lost files and folders from various types of hard disks,USB drives,external hard drives,memory cards,iPods and other storage drives on Windows OS.You can recover variety of files such as MS Office files,Zip files,RAR files,PDF files,photos,music files,video files and other documents by using this tool.It works well on all latest versions of Windows operating system including Windows Server 2003,2008,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7 and also latest Windows 8.

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