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Data Recovery of Mobile Hard Disk


When the computer's storage space is not enough, many users will choose a mobile hard disk to store data or backup. But is it really safe to store data on a mobile hard disk? We all know that mobile hard disks and computer hard disks are constructed in the same way. They are all mechanical hard disks made up of precise mechanical components. Mobile hard disk, like other electronic products, will also have quality problems. If the mobile hard disk is broken, the data will certainly be damaged. In addition, improper use will also cause data loss problems.

Comparing with the inconvenience of hard disk and the insufficient volume of U disk, mobile hard disk has the advantages of large capacity and small volume. Because of these advantages, the use of mobile hard disk has been paid more and more attention. But in the process of using mobile hard disk, data loss caused by various reasons is common to happen, causing great losses.

Is it really possible to recover the lost data of the mobile hard disk? In theory, it is completely possible, because the system will not clean up the data immediately when deleting files or formatting them. It can recover the data successfully before writing new data. How to recover the data lost on the mobile hard disk? For the problem of data loss caused by logic errors, as long as the data is not covered, the lost data is expected to recover completely. The premise is to select the right data recovery software and use it correctly. Ordinary users, even a computer idiot, do not need to worry. As long as the method is appropriate, mobile hard disk data recovery is a very simple task.

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Generally, the files of mobile hard disk will encounter several situations, which can be summarized as follows:

1.File deletion by mistake: Because the mobile hard disk is an external storage device, the deleted files will not be put into the recycle bin. That is, the data deleted from the mobile hard disk is deleted directly. If important data is deleted by mistake, data recovery is needed.

2.Formatting: Mobile hard disk can be formatted into various file system types, so as to facilitate the use of different operating system platforms. If the mobile hard disk is formatted incorrectly, it will face data loss files.

3.Partition loss: Like partitions on computers, partitions on mobile hard disks can also be deleted. When partitions are deleted, the data disappears together.

4.Partition can not be open, prompted to be formatted: When a mobile hard disk is in use, if there comes a sudden power failure, abnormal pull-out and so on, it is likely to appear RAW partition, incapability to open, formatting and so on. In this case, the data is not lost in case. As long as the correct recovery software is used, the data can be recovered.

5.Bad track of hard disk: When hard disk or mobile hard disk is used too long, often power off, bump, vibrate and so on, it may lead to bad track. Mobile hard disk has a bad track, reading and writing will slow down or even it can not read and write properly.

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6. Serious physical faults: If the mobile hard disk has serious physical faults, such as head damage, the computer will not recognize the disk, which requires a professional data recovery mechanism to recover data.

These are the most common reasons. So are these problems totally hopeless? The official answer is, No. Despite the physical faults which is impossible to recover directly without being fully recognized and which needs professional personnel to check and help you recover, logical errors and erroneous deletions of records can be restored. Recovery is also unexpectedly simple! So how to operate?

1.The first step is to download and start uncutdata recovery software. Choose the file format to be restored. The suggestion is to select all format types to avoid omission.

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2.Next step, you will be prompted to restore the file disk partition. Which disk lost files? With right selection, external storage media will be automatically identified. Select the partition to read, and click Next.

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3.The software finished to be read will automatically generate a file list. Then open the file list to browse the file directly. Find the file you need to restore.You can also seek in the file format list.If you can not find, select the deep scan.

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If the disk partition connected to the computer is not detected by the second step of the operation, obviously your mobile hard disk is not recognized. There is no need to take the next step. If you take it to the professional maintenance staff, it is possible to restore the data.

Note: When restoring, do not store the restored files on the original mobile disk. Avoid overwriting the original data. You can store your recovered files on a computer disk.

Back up important files on your hard disk in time so that you won't be hurried when you lose them. So it is necessary to backup important files from time to time.

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