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Directions for using the software


1.Download Dog Date Recovery software and install it to your computer

2.Run the software in order to start the recovery process

3.As soon as you run the software,a welcome window appears with two options namely“Deleted File Recovery”and“Lost File Recovery”

4.Choose anyone out of the two to continue

5.The software now displays all the drive present in your system

6.Select the drive from where recovery can be done

7.Once you select the drive,it will start scanning and displays all the files present in the drive you have selected

Data Recovery

8.Select the files that you want to recover.Click on“Mark All”option in order to recover all the files

9.You can make use of the search box to search specific file i.e.Access file

10.On the next window you can see all of the recovered files

11.The Red Cross mark shows that the files are being deleted

12.Select the files that you want to recover and continue by pressing“Next”option

13.Save the recovered files in a desired location

Data Recovery                              Data Recovery

 Tips to prevent data loss:

1.Stop using your computer when you realized that you have deleted/lost data from it

2.Always keep backup of your important MDB files

3.Make use of antivirus software to make your storage drive free of virus infections and update it regularly

4.Do not save recovered files again on the same location from where you lost it


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