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File Recovery from FAT Drive


FAT file system is used by majority of flash memory media storage devices like pen drive,thumb drive,memory card,memory stick,iPod,MP3 players etc.It can support up to 2TB of memory and is also universally supported by all operating systems including Windows and Mac.It exhibits properties like fast,flexible,space efficient,robust and compatible.

Although FAT file systems are efficient but there can be ample of situations that may cause errors.Some of them are intentional and some are unforeseen.For example,deleting files and folders,formatting the FAT drive,file system corruption,improper shutdown,power failure,operating system corruption,virus infection etc.

Recovery from FAT Drive is possible:

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After losing or deleting data from a FAT drive,you can still recover them by using a recovery tool.Because after deletion or loss,the data is not deleted permanently.Only the table of content i.e.component of the file system,which stores all the location entries for any file or folder gets erased permanently.So,the data which is lying without any reference can be recovered easily.Most importantly after deletion or formatting do not use the drive,in order to avoid permanent loss of data due to overwriting.

Reasons for loss of data in a FAT Drive:

As you know the most common reason for loss of data is mistakenly deleting files either normally or by using"shift+delete"keys.Sometimes we even empty recycle bin without even checking for any important file and sometimes large size files bypasses recycle bin due to size limit after deletion.Another important reason for data loss is formatting.Many times we format our FAT file system in hard drives,memory cards,pen drives,iPod,thumb drives etc.

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File system corruption is also an important scenario that leads to severe data loss.Corruption to FAT file system can occur because of partitioning errors and most of the times reason is unknown to you.While using third party tools for creating,re-sizing,removing or converting the file system,sudden error might take place causing data loss.Even sudden system shutdown,power rise or virus infection etc also causes data loss in your FAT drive.

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