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File Recovery from iBall Penpal Flash Drive


“I bought a brand new 16 GB iBall Penpal flash device few days before;I stored all my favorite music,movies,documents and family photos on it.My friend borrowed this flash USB drive to transfer few of his files from his computer.

When he connected iBall flash drive,he got an error message saying that the computer did not recognize the file system of the drive and asked to format.Ignoring the message my friend clicked on‘Yes’button.Which resulted in complete data loss from my flash drive,is there any way to get lost files back from my iBall USB 3.0 flash drive?”

Data Recovery

iBall Penpal is the latest and is among the fastest USB 3.0 flash device.The device is small,has high data storage capacity,which is available in 4,8,16 and 32GB.This allows the user to store hundreds of files including their music,movies,photos,project documents etc.

However,files from these devices can be lost or deleted due to several reasons,but before getting into a decision that this files are gone forever keep in mind that these files can be recovered back by using a third party recovery application.

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