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File Recovery from Recycle Bin


Recycle bin acts as a file directory for temporary storage of deleted files and folders.The size of the recycle bin is 10%of the total capacity of your hard drive.Every Windows drive contains a hidden folder called“Recycler”(differs according to Windows versions),which keeps record of each and every file that are deleted with its name,size and original file location.

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Windows Recycle Bin holds details of data deleted accindetally or intetionally from Windows hard drive using conventional method.But,if data is erased from any other removable storage media like pen drive,mmeory cards,etc.,such data will bypass recycle bin and gets permanently deleted.

How files get deleted from recycle bin?When you erase a file from your hard drive,it’s not deleted in reality rather the file details gets redirected to the recycle bin;thereby you can restore those deleted files at any point of time in future.However,there are certain situations due to which files and folders may get deleted from this folder.Some of such scenarios are mentioned below:

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1、Accidentally erasing a file from recycle bin

2、Unintentionally or intentionally emptying recycle bin to free your hard disk space

3、When your recycle bin size exceeds the maximum size limit,a newly erased file would push out older files(First in First out/FIFO)

4、If you erase files by means of“Shift+Delete”,then that file bypasses recycle bin folder

5、Since recycle bin is only 10%of your hard drive capacity,if you delete a large sized file whose size is greater than recycle bin it won't be redirected to recycle bin folder

6、Use of any third party tool to clear junk files on Windwos hard drive will empty recycle bin folder by default,which wipes all data sitting there

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