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File recovery software for USB drive


Dog Data Recovery is a wonderful data recovery software,which helps you in recovering your deleted/lost files like music,videos,software’s,games,photos,documents and many other file types from your iBall Penpal USB 3.0 flash drive.This tool also supports file recovery from Kingston,Transcend,SanDisk,LaCie,HP and other brands of USB flash drives on Windows platform.Apart from iBall flash drive,the tool also recovers data from other storage media like computer and laptop hard drives,external hard disks,memory cards,music players,deleted/missing partitions etc.

Common scenarios that would lead to files loss from iBall Penpal USB 3.0 flash drive are explained below:

1.Erasing Files:Accidental erasing files or folders from iBall Penpal device when connected to computer.

2.Format Error:System displaying error message like,“The Drive M:is not formatted,do you want to format it now”,when you try to access files from your iBall flash drive.This message forces you to format the drive resulting in data loss.

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3.Wrong Usage:Removing your iBall Penpal drive while copying files or using your iBall Penpal USB drive on multiple operating systems etc.

4.Improper System Termination:Forcefully switching of your system while transferring files from your iBall to Windows computer or vice versa.

5.Malware Infection:Deadly Malwares like Trojan infection on your iBall Penpal USB 3.0 flash drive results in corruption and eventually leads to data loss.

Other than the above mentioned reasons,there are several reasons accountable for data loss.But no matter what the reason is,the files deleted or lost from iBall Penpal USB 3.0 flash drive can be restored back with the help of file recovery tool.The important thing you must do after encountering data loss mishap from your iBall USB drive is to immediately stop using it for saving new data,which will result in overwriting of the original files making recovery more and more difficult.

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