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Files from thumb drive are unintentionally or intentionally deleted in many ways


1.Intentional deletion:In an intention to free space on thumb drive to save new data files,you will erase some of the files of which you have backup.But later you realize that you don’t have backup of deleted files.

2.During Anti-virus scan:Third party tool like anti-virus may delete few files from thumb drive,while scanning it for threats.You might have set the auto fix option for any threats detected.If the application fails to fix the problem with the file,then it may delete that file.This avoids the files getting corrupted on your computer.Sometimes,the anti-virus program may delete uninfected files due to programming error.

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3.Formatting:You may format the thumb drive,if you want to remove all the data from the drive at once or to free it from errors like corruption and formatting errors.When the thumb drive is formatted,the file system on the drive will be cleared from all the data on it.

You have to act fast after deleting or losing files and folders from thumb drive,as there are chances of deleted files getting overwritten by new files.

This is because,deleted file content will remain unharmed on thumb drive until and unless they are overwritten with new data.So you should stop saving new data and take the help of file recovery software like Dog Data Recovery to retrieve files deleted from thumb drive for above reasons.

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