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Free Mac image recovery software – get your photos back in a snap


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Most people use their computers to store their personal videos and pictures. Really, what can be safer than your trusted Mac? Well, actually, downloading important media files from your smartphone or camera to your laptop does not guarantee their safety. Sometimes, accidents happen, and the data gets wiped off of your computer. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a hard drive failure, fire, or flood. Sometimes, you just run the Mac clean software to clean up the cookie files and end up losing some images as well.

However, these files don’t have to be lost for good. Thankfully, there is an image file recovery software that can quickly reverse the problem. Dog Data Recovery for Mac Free is the best tool you can find online that wouldn’t cost you a dime!

Mac Data Recovery

How to retrieve the lost files using image recovery software?

Dog Data Recovery for Mac Free operates in two modes. The Quick Recovery mode is designed for short 4-5-minute scans of Mac drive specifically to locate the recently deleted or lost pictures. Then there is the Advanced Recovery mode which takes longer but is able to find even long-lost files. We recommend using the Quick Recovery mode first to save time. If it doesn’t bring you the needed results, switch to the Advanced Recovery mode.

Using the free image recovery software for Mac, it is easy to restore the lost files in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Install the software

Click the Download button below to download image data recovery software free of charge. Then run the Dog Data Recovery for Mac Free file and install the program on your Mac. We guarantee that our software is 100% virus-free and safe to use.

Mac Data Recovery

Step 2: Launch the program

We strive to make our software user-friendly. No need to read long and boring user guides! The interface is very intuitive – even your kids could easily find their way around it. It takes no more than a few clicks to launch the search for your lost files.

Mac Data Recovery

Step 3: Save the recovered images

The image recovery software will detect all the files that were recently deleted. Browse the results of the scan and save the pictures that you need to your computer. We strongly recommend backing up your media files on a secondary hard drive or in iCloud for maximum security.

Mac Data Recovery

After you install Dog Data Recovery for Mac Free, you will never need another tool for retrieving lost files ever again. It is by far the best image recovery software on the market. Click the Download button below and see for yourself!

Mac Data Recovery                                Mac Data Recovery


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