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Free Windows 10 Data Recovery Software


"Yesterday,I updated my computer system from Windows 8 to Windows 10,but all the files in F drive were suddenly gone with no reason.I found that the F drive was changed after the update,there must be something wrong,but how could I get these lost files back?"-From Jason on Facebook

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Partition loss or data loss is not unusual for Windows users after they upgrade operating system.Especially in recent moth,a lot of people upgrade OS to the Windows 10,data loss is not rare to see.Users suffer a lot from data loss caused by deletion,formatting or system updating under Windows 10.But it's no need to worry too much,an powerful data recovery tool such as Dog Data Recovery Free which is the best free Windows 10 data recovery software will solve all your Windows 10 data loss problems.

Data Recovery

In a few cases,people may meet data loss caused by partition loss,OS error or other unknown reasons when they upgrade operating system.Deleting,formatting and some other incorrect operations will also lead to data loss when the computer is working on Windows 10.Anyway,the free windows 10 data recovery software will help you in recovering these lost files easily and quickly.It not only recovers lost files from hard drive,but also retrieves lost data from SD card,USB drive,external hard disk,memory card or other removable device.

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