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Get Back Files from Laptop Hard Drive


There are similar other reasons that could result in data loss from laptop hard drive.Few of them are given below:

1.Unintentional deletion:You may unintentionally delete some files from your laptop while dealing with the unwanted one.You can restore those files from Recycle Bin.But if it is of large size or if you have adjusted settings of Recycle Bin,then you may not restore those files from Recycle Bin folder.

2.Malware/Spyware Interference:In case you transfer any file from external storage drive that contains viruses,then it might transfer to your laptop also and spread widely to affect the other files present in it.

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3.Deleting files using“Shift+Delete”command:When you use this command,the files does not get moved to Recycle Bin and gets permanently deleted from your laptop.

4.Other Causes:Forceful shutdown of the laptop without closing the application or files,pulling out of the external drive while the files are transferring from laptop to external storage media,Improper usage of“Cut”and“Paste”etc.are the other reasons that could lead to lose files from laptop.

The easiest way to get back files from your laptop is to use backup,but most of you may not create backup thinking that you will not lose your data.In such circumstances,if the data is already lost due to the lack of backup then you are supposed to take help from recovery software such as Dog Data Recovery.

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