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Guide: How to Recover Lost MP4 Videos on Mac


If you ever lost part of your information or your videos, you know how problematic it can be. Thousands of videos are recorded daily, as well as thousands more are deleted. Take for example, if you have an MP4 video that you deleted by accident on Mac, what can you do? Today we answer that question. We present you the most advanced tool in file recovery, along with a guide of MP4 video recovery on Mac.

MP4 video recovery for Mac

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Your MP4 videos, like any other type of information, are susceptible to any failure, accident or bad function that can eliminate them or erase them "permanently", generating unnecessary headaches. Today we present a very useful tool that you can use to recover your MP4 videos and any type of video, photos or files: Dog Data Recovery for Mac.

Dog Data Recovery for Mac allows you to recover deleted or lost MP4 videos from your Mac hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, external storage and almost any type of storage device. How can I use it? Well, Dog Data Recovery for Mac is one of the fastest and most powerful programs that exists when recovering files, so using it will not be a problem. Below you can find a guide of MP4 video recovery on Mac, which can serve you both to recover videos and for any type of file.

Easy steps to recover lost MP4 videos under Mac OS

Dog Data Recovery for Mac is one of the easiest data recovery programs, with only three steps you can recover your videos, data, photos, etc. It offers two types of file scan, a fast version and a deep scan, which gets everything that has been removed from the device. Here, you can follow the three steps below to recover deleted, lost or damaged MP4 videos on Mac.

Step 1: Select video as the file type to recover.

To recover your MP4 videos, select Videos and then click on Next. If you want to recover any other type of file, you can select it here.

Mac Data Recovery

Step 2: Select the disk or device where your video was deleted from.

Click and select your device. It can be your hard disk, an external storage, SD card or any type of storage device. Then, click on Scan.

Mac Data Recovery

Step 3: Preview and recover MP4 videos on Mac.

Once the Scan is complete, you can see a preview of your files, videos, photos, documents, etc. In this case, you can search for yourMP4 video to recover it. Once you have selected the wanted MP4 videos, click on ‘Recover’ button to save these lost MP4 videos.

Mac Data Recovery

If you can’t find all lost MP4 videos on Mac after a fast scan, just try deep scan mode. The deep scan will deeply scan the hard drive and find all lost MP4 videos on your Mac. Dog Data Recovery for Mac also can help you export inaccessible MP4 videos from corrupted hard drive, memory card, digital device, etc. It can 100% recover your lost MP4 videos under Mac OS, including recovering the HD MP4 videos on Mac.

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