Hard disk can not read how to restore data

Hard disk can not read how to restore data

Now solid-state drives are used more, because they are faster. However, while using it, some users have proposed that "yesterday the computer was running very well, today the computer suddenly can not recognize the solid-state hard disk.When put it to other computers, it is the same problem."

Some users have also said that solid-state hard disks (SSDs) are recognized by computers as 8MB disks, and the rest of the space is unrecognizable. This kind of situation is because that there comes a sudden power failure of the solid-state hard disk and the master chip of the solid-state hard disk (SSD) can't save the FTL allocation table in time.

(FTL allocation table is a list that records the corresponding relationship between sector address and physical storage address in solid state hard disk, which is stored in solid state hard disk. If something goes wrong with this table, it will reduce the capacity of solid-state hard disk and make it unrecognizable.)

So if this happens, does it mean that the hard disk is completely "dead"?

No, we can still try to fix this unrecognized hard drive and restore the records in the hard disk by some steps.

You can disconnect the data line of the solid-state hard disk and only keep the power cord connected to the solid-state hard disk. After 30 minutes of power-on, the main control chip inside the solid-state hard disk will be triggered to repair itself. After another 30 minutes or so, turn off the computer. Connect the data line of the solid-state hard disk and turn on the power.

Or for some solid-state hard drives, the sudden capacity becomes 8M, which often happens in the case of abnormal power failure. Data can be perfectly recovered by updating the latest firmware.

The common addresses from official websites of upgrading solid-state hard drives on the market are listed here.

Intel Solid State Hardware Firmware Upgrade:

Kingston Solid State Hard Disk Firmware Upgrade:
Magnesium Optical Solid State Hard Disk Firmware Upgrade:

If you can't repair your SSD with either method 1 or method 2, you have to contact the SSD manufacturer and have the product repaired.

Physical method is much easier!

1. Change the direction of your hard disk placement, horizontally or vertically. Both ways are worth trying.

2. Cool your hard drive. Please put the hard disk and desiccant in the sealed bag for sealing. After sealing, put it in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. After 6 hours, please take the hard disk out of the sealed bag and dry it in natural environment for more than 12 hours. Please try to connect the computer to ensure that it can work well again.

3. Heating. Please wrap the hard disk in a dark towel and heat it in front of the heater for about 3 hours without cooling. Then connect it to the computer immediately and turn it on to see if the computer can recognize it. This method is mainly based on the principle of thermal expansion and contraction which makes the old parts of hard disk stretched to work normally.

If the above method works, don't hesitate to export important files from your solid-state hard disk and store them in a safe place.

If your hard disk can't be read due to viruses, power outages, misoperation and other reasons, you can use third-party software to help you recover. It is very simple and you just follow the guide.

1.The first step is to download and start uncut data recovery software. Choose the file format to be restored. The suggestion is to select all format types to avoid omission.

2.Next step, you will be prompted to restore the file disk partition, which disk lost files? With the right selection, external storage media will be automatically identified. Select the partition to read, and click Next.

3.The software finished to be read will automatically generate a file list, then open the file list to browse the file directly, find the file you need to restore.You can also seek in the file format list.If you can not find, select the depth scan.

Here's a tip: Try not to put important data in the solid-state hard disk. Although the solid-state hard disk is said to be able to run until your computer is damaged. But in case the solid-state hard disk really suddenly breaks down, you will be helpless.

Because there is a process of mechanical hard disk failure (there will be noise or it will slow down. Windows can also alert you by SMART technology, with "detect a disk problem"), you can find it early and backup data in time. But the breakdown of solid-state hard disk is unexpected, and it will be too late to back up data in many cases.

Therefore, the solid-state hard disk should not be used as the main storage disk.You should regard it as computer memory. It is used to improve the speed of operation.If it is broken, buy another one. It will not cause loss of important data.

So now have you understood how to deal with the case that hard disk suddenly can not be read and how to restore the data files on the hard disk that can not be read ? If it is sure that the hardware is damaged, find technician to help you deal with it.This can not be forced. If you can read the software, use the software as soon as possible. And come to customer service when have problems.

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