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How HTML files are deleted from hard drive?


1.Unintentional Deletion:Deleting unwanted files from hard drive is common practice to avail memory space for storing new data.But while deleting unnecessary files and folders,you may delete essential HTML files and later realize your mistake.Fortunately deleted files can be restored from“Recycle Bin”folder,but if you used“Shift+Delete”keys then you cannot find them in Recycle Bin.

2.Deleted by Antivirus Applications:In some cases you might lose some essential HTML files due to third party software’s like antivirus software.Certain antivirus programs delete virus infected HTML files without giving any notification.

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3.Emptying Recycle Bin:All deleted files and folders from system hard drive are temporarily stored in Windows Recycle Bin.But if its contents are cleared without checking,then you will not be able to get HTML files back manually.

HTML files can get deleted for number of reasons,but you don’t have to worry now.You have number of recovery tools,using which you can easily get back deleted HTML files.If you don’t know which tool to select,then here is the best tool named Dog Data Recovery to recover deleted HTML web pages in safe way.

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