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How the software works?


1、Download and install the software in a different drive other than the one from where you want to recover data.This is done in order to prevent overwriting of data,which may lead to permanent deletion

2、Launch the software and start the recovery procedure

3、Select“Deleted File Recovery”option and the software will start scanning the hard drive to retrieve erased files

4、The software will display the list of found files in two different view types

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5、Use Raw Search option to recover specific file by giving unique signature.This option also lets you save time by avoiding full hard drive scan

6、Choose from the list of recoverable files,which you want to rescue

7、Preview the file for confirmation

8、Select the destination location to store the recovered files

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Tips for recovery after shift delete:

1、Avoid using your PC immediately,in order to increase the chances of recovering files lost after emptying recycle bin and shift delete process

2、Do not install the software or download it to the partition/drive from where you have lost your data

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