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How to Backup and Restore Installed Applications on Windows 10 PC?


Windows 10's fall update is deleting certain apps without prior warning.The only notification that a program has been removed comes after it has been uninstalled.Even though the reason for the removal is cited as"incompatibility",the software in question appears to work without problems once reinstalled.The problem has troubled numerous users.The affected programs include hardware monitoring tools CPU-Z and Speccy as well as the AMD Catalyst Control Center for tweaking your Radeon graphics cards and SmartFTP.

Many users choose to reinstall all the deleted programs manually one by one.Yes,it is a solution but not the ideal one.Because you have to spend much of your time in configuring the applications or finding the registry keys to activate some programs.Things could become much more complicated if you have over 100 or more desktop programs.So,Windows 10 apps data backup that allows you to backup all the installed programs in Windows 10 in advance seems to be the best solution.In this case,you can easily restore them when something goes wrong.

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Now,you have known the importance of Windows 10 application backup.The next task is to find a reliable Windows 10 apps data backup and restore software in order to prevent applications as well as files getting deleted automatically without asking in Windows 10.But what tool can you trust?We recommend you DogDataRecovery Free.The program is an easy,efficient and safe solution for Windows 10 apps data backup to anywhere you prefer.It allows you to selectively backup your installed programs with all its associated data and registry keys in Windows 10.

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