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How to Bring Back Deleted Files on Windows 7?


Windows 7 operating system was among the best and stable version of operating system designed and manufactured by world famous Microsoft Inc Corporation.This operating system had many elegant features like handwriting and touch support which were absent in previous versions of operating systems.Windows 7 also had many other additional characteristic such as virtual hard drive,improved operating efficiency,more stability,faster boot load etc,which made it the no.1 choice in both home and business PCs.

But no matter how powerfully Windows 7 operating system was built,it is still vulnerable to problems like file deletion.However,Windows operating system also provided a location called“Recycle Bin”where deleted files are stored temporarily.So when you delete a file,first double click on Recycle Bin and check whether the file is present.If present,highlight the file and then click“Restore”to get back deleted file or folder to its original location on hard drive.But if you have recently emptied the Recycle Bin without checking its contents or files bypassed Recycle Bin after deletion.So let us see the scenarios where files might get intentionally or inadvertently deleted from hard drive on Windows 7 system and doesn’t get stored in Recycle bin as mentioned below:

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1.Shift deleting files or folders from Windows 7 thinking they are not needed and later realizing the importance of deleted data.

2.Incorrectly using cut and paste commands for moving files from one drive to another on hard drive.

3.Files might be deleted by antivirus program while scanning Windows 7 hard drive to remove viruses and other external threats.

4.Improper system termination or interruption while copying your crucial files from Windows 7 system to external storage media.

5.Some users might erase files from Windows DOS command prompt.

In the above mentioned cases,deleted files or folders won’t get stored in Recycle Bin.Thus manually you cannot recover files unless and until you have backup of deleted files.In the absence of backup,you have to find out what is the right approach to get back erased files from Windows 7.

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