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How to effectively restore the data?


What if the disk space that stores this file is written to other data before the data is restored?Then the file may be damaged,and the data recovery software can only try to repair it,but it may also have a recovery failure.Therefore,after the file is deleted,the fewer disk partitions that the file is written to,the more likely the deleted files are successfully restored.

Because of this reason,in order to improve the success rate of data file recovery,we suggest that we should pay attention to the following skills when using data to restore products.

1,if a disk partition has a file to be restored,try not to write data in this partition.For example,installing software in the partition,saving files,copying files and so on,will write data to disk partitions,which may destroy the data content of the recovered files.

2,please save the file you want to restore in another disk(or disk partition).Otherwise,the newly written data may cover the other recovered files;

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3.After you have lost your data,close all the processes that can be closed to avoid possible disks.Some programs may produce a large number of temporary files during the operation,and these temporary files may also cover the files to be restored.

4,try not to store important data in the system disk partition.The system disk(the disk installed on the Windows operating system)is a disk partition that is frequently read and written frequently.Therefore,the possibility of recovery failure is higher than that in other partitions.

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