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How to Get Back Files Missing after Moving?


To ensure that complete file transfer process has taken place,the user must verify the contents of the respective file as well as it size in the destination location to where it was copied.Sometimes as a result of sudden system shut down or due to interruption during the file transfer process,your files that were being processed go missing from a particular storage media.You wonbt be able to find those files even after searching different logical drives of the computer.

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Donbt get tensed!Your files are just lost while moving and they can be effectively restored from source storage drive from where it went missing by using effective file recovery application.However let us see some scenarios that results in loss of files while moving or transferring as listed below:

1.Sudden loss of power when you are transferring files from system to external storage device or vice versa is likely to cause loss of files.

2.It is best that you use copy paste options other than Cut paste,as abrupt halt before you paste cut files can lead to the missing of important files.

3.Use of incompatible third party applications may sometimes lead to loss of valuable files from the partition.

4.File loss can takes place when the destination location where you move files has memory space that is lesser than the space needed to save copied or cut files.

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