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How to Get Back Microsoft Word Document?


Microsoft office is among the best and popular desktop software of all time,it is a collection of several applications which are very useful in business,home and education field.Microsoft Word is one such popular and common application in MS Office suite,which is used to create,edit,format,save and print electronic documents.There are different versions of MS Word like Word 2000,2003,2007 and 2010.Microsoft Word uses.doc file extension in 2000 and 2003,and it introduced.docx file format in 2007,which is also used in MS Word 2010.

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  However,these documents files are lost and deleted due to several reasons.Some of them are mentioned below:

1、Power failure while editing or closing the Word document

2、Macro virus infected Word file may get deleted by anti-virus program

3、Deleting Word document by mistake while deleting some other files

4、Formatting the drive or device containing the Word file

5、Improper system termination when working on document file

6、Other reasons include file system conversion,hardware issues,software failure and many more

In these kinds of situations recovering the Word file would be your first priority.There are three possible solutions to recover Word file.Follow these methods to retrieve your documents back.

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