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How to Keep Your Hard Drive Healthy? – Dog Data Recovery software


Computer and related component’s price is down nowadays. Still, it’s reckless not to be concerned about physical components associated with your computer. Among all parts, hard disk is the most important one as it holds entire system data. Thus, hard drives are the valuable constituents of computer that should be treated with finest care. Off course, hard disks have limited life span and they will die. But hard drives die prior than they should be, due to lack of attention. We can prevent premature death of hard drives, if we follow suitable methods to take care of them.

So, let’s have glance at universal causes for a malfunctioning hard drive and ways to minimize drive failure.

Be assured about third party applications

Each program that you install on system requires space on hard disk. Since they directly reside on the drive, any malwares associated with them affects your disk. Even though your system employs memory to run installed applications, it seeks hard drive involvement to cut load time. So, more programs on drive makes its storage full and slow down the performance.

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Getting a program from internet and installing it on the system without proper scan (or no scan) is the big mistake. We can’t perform optimum scan many times, especially when we are in hurry. So, it is recommended to rely upon a trusted Anti-Virus program and firewall to handle inbound traffic of your system. Also, make a habit of running system scan often to monitor system security and safety.

System OS update serves better to report you about significant updates that better your system performance and also helps you in eradicating problems that may result in system failure.

Often delete unnecessary software installed on the drive. Inactive and needless programs ruin precious space of drive. If you no longer need a program, then take away it via “Remove” feature present in Control Panel. Eliminating junk programs not just boost your drive capacity, also gives easy desktop navigation.

Hard drive does not follow any specific pattern to save data. It put data on first empty space that it finds. Thus, data will be scattered across the drive. Whole drive need to be scanned each time you demand for a data. Obviously it decreases your system performance. Hence, regular defragmentation of hard drive definitely fastens your system.

Ensure proper airflow and cooling facility to avoid overheating of drive and keep it dust free. Never find excuses for not cleaning your computer on regular basis. Check your system air vents and make sure they are not covered by any object. Be guaranteed that the system is unfilled with dust that chokes off fans, which is the main cause for overheat and failure of hard drives as well other components.

The less you use the drive, the longer it last. So, Employ power mode and configure OS to turn off system after precise amount of time. Utilize features that power off your hard drive after some time of system idleness. Sleep mode facilitates you to get back to work without rebooting the system. Thus, it extends life span of the disk.

A computer often makes clicking noise. Clicking noise means the drive is near to break down. It is suggested to get your files out of the drive immediately, if it is sounding odd. Then check state and heath of the drive.

Do an error checking text by navigating to Properties > Tools of your drive in My Computer panel. Also employ CHKDSK on the drive to fix issues.

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However, it’s not necessary to do these tests often; but it helps to resolve issues in a drive at initial stages, if you carry out them once in a while.

Sometimes voltage impales above the normal point (it lasts for few nanoseconds) and is termed as power surge. These unexpected surges results in breakdown of physical components of your system. So, utilize surge protectors and Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) to safeguard your drive as well other components.

Apart from these major things you need to concentrate on other minute factors like maintaining system and user data separately, tightening screws of hard drive, mounting disk properly and ensuring perfect connection of drive cables etc to avail benefits on health of your hard drive.

Hard drive failure chances are potential even after taking care. However, if you heed above discussed things carefully then you can minimize the issues of your drive and make it work longer. In case, your drive is already failed and it is in inaccessible state then you can rely on best software to recover data from failed hard drive when backup is unavailable.

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