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How to operate the software?


1.Download the software to your laptop or computer and install it.

2.Now,launch the software and start the recovery process.

3.Select"Deleted File Recovery"option from the two options that are displayed on the main screen.

4.Now each and every available drive will be exhibited on the screen.Click on the one from which recovery is to be done.

Data Recovery

5.The software scans the selected drive and shows all the files present in it.The files and folders with"Red Cross"indicates that they are being deleted.

6.Select the files that you need to recover and then click on“Next”.

7.Save recovered files in a location that you prefer.

Data Recovery                                Data Recovery

Important Tips:

1.Click on properties and check the setting before you decide to move anything to the Recycle Bin.

2.Do not click on“Empty Recycle Bin”option unless you check its contents properly.

3.It is advised not to use“Shift+Delete”keys while erasing Word documents.


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