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How to perform data recovery efficiently?


Modern data recovery technology has made it possible to retrieve lost data from all kinds of data loss situations.What’s more,average users are able to perform data recovery on their own.Due to recovery of lost data cannot be done at 100%successful rate;we should pay attention to some points to increase chances of successful data recovery.

When a file gets deleted,many users will feel it is not recoverable.However,in fact,the deleted data still stays on the device as long as it does not get further damage,such as data overwrite.In order to get best data recovery result,we should try to avoid further data damage.There are some dos and don’ts on data recovery issue:

Firstly,stop all the"write"operations immediately.This is very important,as write action causes the further expansion of data loss.

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Secondly,do not do anything with the disk on which the lost data is located.This includes the followings:

Do not access data on this disk,such as edit files,view files or folders

Do not save any data or create files to the disk

Do not format or reformat the disk.Though files lost due to formatting are recoverable,in some cases formatting affects data recovery result.Formatting may clear up the important area of the partition and reset.This will result in the loss of important information needed to recover the file,reducing the chance of successful data recovery.

Finally,do not worry if you've accidentally made one of the above mistakes,just stop all other operations you are doing and check if the data is still recoverable.You can use professional data recovery software,for example,DogDataRecovery Free for efficient recovery.

Step 1:Select the hard drive where you lose your files.

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Step 2:Select the file types you want to recover.

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Step 3:Preview the files and recover the files.

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