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How to perform the recovery process?


1.Download and install this tool in your system in a separate file apart from where the files have been deleted.

2.Launch it and then proceed with the instructions which are provided from your main screen.

3.Click on this Deleted File Recovery button and then find your partition from where those files have been deleted.

4.Once the drive is selected,scanning process begins which gets access to all files which were deleted and lists them in a respective order.

Data Recovery

5.Click and select on the one that has the highest priority,save to the respective partition.

6.Before saving it you can preview its contents and be sure that it’s the correct file that has to be saved.

7.As soon as the saving process gets completed you can access those files as required.

Data Recovery                             Data Recovery

Tips to Remember:

1.Keep a backup of your important files in a separate drive.

2.Good antivirus program must be installed in your system.

3.Have good source of power backup.

4.Avoid using external hard drives that have been already infected with virus.


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