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How to Permanently Format Mac Hard Drive?


“I have an old MacBook Air, and want to gift it to my nephew. But I have put thousands of private files on it. I know that the files can be recovered even if I delete them and empty the recycle bin. I just want to find a solution that can permanently format hard drive on the MacBook Air. I will appreciate it if anybody can recommend a tool to help me conveniently format the Mac hard drive.” – Jason

As we know, it is difficult to permanently erase files on Mac hard drive. After you delete files (empty trash bin) or ease the Mac hard drive with disk utility, the files are not permanently lost from Mac. With data recovery software or service, it is easily to recover deleted or erased Mac files. It means anybody can easily restore your private files even if you have deleted them on your Mac.

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Super Eraser for Mac – Best Mac Data Erasure Software

To permanently format Mac hard drive, you need third-party Mac data wipe software. DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac is a very powerful data erasure software that can permanently format Mac hard drive and destroy the data on the Mac hard drive. It will erase the Mac hard drive and make data recovery impossible.

Some Mac users are using Disk Utility to format Mac hard drive. But it can’t make sure that the erased files are permanently lost after erasure with disk utility. Mac data recovery software such as Dog Data Recover for Mac Professional can recover lost Mac files after you erase the hard drive using disk utility. If you want to permanently format Mac hard drive beyond the scope of data recovery, you have to use a tool like Super Eraser for Mac to wipe your Mac hard drive, destroy the data overwrite the disk place. That’s what Super Eraser for Mac can do for you.

What can Super Eraser for Mac do?

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Permanently format entire Mac hard drive.

Destroy data on your Mac hard drive, making data recovery impossible.

Wipe unused disk space without erasing the existing files.

How to Permanently Format Mac Hard Drive?

Before you give your old Mac to other people or resell your Mac machines, you can use Super Eraser for Mac to permanently format the device to make the data permanently disappeared from your Mac. That will protect your privacy and you will never worry about information leakage. Super Eraser for Mac is very easy, after running on your Mac, you just need select the files, drives to format. It will automatically wipe the data and overwrite the disk space. Just try it now.

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