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How to quickly recover deleted data in the computer?


We often encounter these situations Misdeleted files:

1.,right click Delete/directly pull the file to the trash/keyboard,press the"Delete"key.

2.pull the files into the trash can and empty the trash can.

3.the keyboard is deleted by"Shift"+"Delete".

How can haul handle these situations to recover the missing files in the computer?

1.,in the first case,we can double-click and open the recycle bin to restore files.

2.in the case of 2/3,the Windows system will not display the file in the recycling station or other location,this time the computer data recovery has a certain degree of difficulty,we can install the DogDataRecovery Free software for computer data recovery.

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DogDataRecovery Free is a variety of different types of file formats,such as pictures,video,music,Outlook mail,installation programs,Microsoft Office documents and so on.Because of its simple and fast operation,many people are willing to use it to restore data.

How to retrieve lost computer data by using DogDataRecovery Free software?

If you are not sure which partition is stored in the file or you want to restore the file in the entire computer,please install DogDataRecovery Free software on an external hard disk or U disk to avoid a computer data coverage accident.

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