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How to Recover Deleted Files From My Thumb Drive?


Thumb drives are the best solution if you want to carry few GBs of data.The thumb drive has compact design and can fit into your pocket easily.However,you may delete or lose data saved on the thumb drive,no matter how carefully you may handle it.

Suppose,you have connected your thumb drive to the computer to transfer data,but there is no space for new files on the drive.So you have deleted some unneeded files from thumb drive to store new data.Your bad luck is that you have erased important files in hurry,while erasing some junk files.

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You stored valuable data like official documents created by you,personal photos,music collection,videos,etc.on your thumb drive.But you have deleted those files from thumb drive because of your negligence.You need those files back as there is no backup of the files to restore from.What can be done then?

How do you restore erased files from thumb drive?These questions pop up on your mind.In the absence of data backup,only way that to get back deleted files from thumb drive is by using efficient file recovery software.

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