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How to recover deleted files from recycle bin?


Deleted files by means of throwing into Windows recycle bin could be immediately retrieved by right-clicking on the file and confirming"Restore".By doing like this,the deleted file(s)will reappear in its original folder with the contents,date and time,etc.That's how many of us recover mistakenly or accidentally deleted files from recycle bin.Here's the detailed guide.

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1.Open the Recycle Bin by double-clicking or double-tapping on its icon on the Desktop.

2.Locate and then select whatever file(s)and/or folder(s)you need to restore.

3.Right-click or tap-and-hold on the selection and then choose Restore.

4.The Recycle Bin will then restore the deleted files to their Original Location.

If we have cleared all the files in the recycling station,how can we restore the deleted files?This time you need to use professional data recovery software.Now most of the data recovery software that people prefer to use is DogDataRecovery Free,which can help us recover the empty files that the recycle bin has completely restored.

Step 1:Select the hard drive where you lose your files.

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Step 2:Select the file types you want to recover.

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Step 3:Preview the files and recover the files.

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