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How To Recover Deleted Files from SD Card via Free Software?


Have you ever thought that the tiny piece of plastic card could cause so many headaches?Data loss from SD card issue is very common nowadays and many of us have encountered it already.SD card,a kind of memory card,is widely used on all types on digital devices.It is small in size,but it provides large capacity to store various data.SD card seems to be a perfect storage device.However,serious issue may occur without warnings,leaving users in a mess.An example of such problem,is the loss of files such as photos and videos from the flash drive.

Losing important data from storage device is a painful issue,but it cannot be avoid in many situations,as SD card may get damaged suddenly.Modern memory cards are designed with high speed bus mode to deal with files and complete functions.But in some cases,it cannot read stored data due to chip damage,firmware corruption,improper operation,etc.Besides,users may delete files from memory card by mistake or format SD card accidentally,etc.

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Fortunately,recovering lost files from memory cards and other storage media is possible and sometimes the recovery task is very easy.You should be aware that files lost due to formatting or deleting from such storage media are not wiped completely.Lost files will be kept on storage device in hidden for long time as long as they are not overwritten by new data.Saving data on SD card after deleting or formatting will overwrite binary space once occupied by lost data and then permanently erase lost data.Once lost file gets overwritten,they can never be recovered by any means.

DogDataRecovery Free is free software for SD card&hard drive recovery.It is capable of scanning storage media fully for deleted and lost data including images,videos,audios,photos,documents,archives,etc.with original names and path.Though it is free version,it works the same as its paid version when searching for lost data.

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