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How to recover deleted files from the hard disk?


It is normally difficult to recover lost files from reformatted hard drive because the files or data are deeply erased by reformat operation.Our software Dog Data Recovery Free,powerful and easy to use file recovery software that allows the resolving of multiple data loss issues,including recovery of files from reformatted hard drive.

Dog Data Recovery Free is a magical software tool that allows you to recover lost files from reformatted hard drive or reformatted storage device.These places/device drives where reformatted data can be recovered from are personal computers,notebooks,laptops,hard drives,USB drives,SD cards,memory sticks,external hard disks or any other storage device that can possible be used to store data.Sometime the storage device can get a virus or require to be reformatted.

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This reformatted hard drive recovery software is thoroughly equipped to deal with any data loss issues or scenes faced from home users and professional fields and businesses.These scenarios include accidental deleting even from the recycle bin,formatting of drives,virus attacks,power failure resulting in deletion or incomplete transfers,partition losses,operating software crash.

Easily Recover Lost Files from Reformatted Hard Drive

It is a simple and easy to use software and allows recovery in three easy&trouble-free steps that can be followed by regular computer users and not just technology professionals.

If you do not wish to recover the whole drive and are only interested in recovering certain files,the software can be paused freely or stopped in the process to save time and allow you to access the data you wanted.The Dog Data Recovery Free will display the files in three ways:Path,Type and Time and will even allow the files to be previewed so their quality after recovery can be checked before being saved to the new space.The software can even filter the search by file name that was used before the data loss occurred.Dog Data Recovery Free offers recovery for all formats available video,audio,word files,PDF files,etc.

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