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How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows 7 Recycle Bin


“I deleted unwanted files from my Windows 7 system in order to utilize hard disk free memory space.Later,I found that there were few important files,which were accidentally deleted from hard drive.Does anybody tell me how to get back deleted files from Recycle Bin?”

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Steps to Restore Deleted Files from Recycle Bin:

1.Open Recycle Bin by double clicking on the shortcut icon.

2.Find the deleted files that you want to restore.

3.Right click on it and hit Restore button.

Now,your file will be moved to the original location from which you have deleted it.But,deleted files cannot be restored manually,if files are not present in the Recycle Bin folder.

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Why can’t you find deleted files in Recycle bin folder?

1.Deleting files using shift+delete key combination.

2.Erasing files from command prompt.

3.Accidental deletion of files from externally connected storage devices on Windows system.

4.Deleting large sized file when Recycle Bin is already filled with previously deleted files.

In all these scenarios,the deleted files will bypass Recycle Bin folder and gets completely lost from Windows 7 system.Furthermore,if you have checked,“Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin.Remove files immediately when deleted”option in Recycle Bin folder properties,then also the files will bypass Recycle Bin and gets permanently deleted.In addition,accidentally deleting a wrong file from Recycle Bin,emptying Recycle Bin without checking for any necessary file,etc.will also cause loss of files from Recycle Bin.


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