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How to Recover Deleted Files Through Command Prompt?


In Windows operating system,dos command prompt is an interface that allows the user to enter commands to perform certain actions.Before graphical user interface,the only way to delete a file was through command prompt.However,few of the computer users are still addicted to command prompt so that they often use it to delete some files from their Windows PC.

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What exactly happens when you use command prompt to delete a file?

With MS-DOS 6.0 and higher versions of Operating systems,you were able to recover files provided they were not written over by another file.But in Windows Operating System there is no command that will help you to get back data after you delete it using command prompt.If you have sound knowledge about command prompt in Windows OS,then you must be familiar with the fact that the files deleted using command prompt cannot be found in the Recycle Bin Folder.They get deleted bypassing the Recycle Bin.

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However,even though the file is deleted using command prompt,it does not get deleted permanently from hard drive.It actually remains intact to its original location on the hard drive.What happens is,only the pointer accessing to that file is removed which is why even the operating system fails to locate it on the hard drive.If you save or copy any other new data to that drive then the file system tells the Operating System to store it in free available space.After this,the old deleted file’s space gets overwritten by newer files resulting in permanent loss of files.Hence it is always recommended to avoid usage of hard drive after accidental deletion and if you really need those files back you should use good file recovery software before it gets overwritten by new data.

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