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How to Recover Deleted Videos?


"I have downloaded more than 100 movie videos from internet and put all of them in a folder.Unfortunately I deleted the entire folder last night by accident.All the videos are gone.Does anyone know how to get them back?I do want to recover these deleted videos immediately."–Jakie

For most of us,it is common to delete a video file from our hard drive on purpose or on accident.For instance,you have downloaded lots of movie videos on your computer,but you delete them by an accident.Before you empty the recycle bin,you can easily restore them from recycle bin.Actually,most of us have the habit of clearing up the recycle bin regularly.Does it mean you have permanently lost these videos after emptying recycle bin?No.There is still a chance of deleted video recovery.Data Recovery software are the good solution for recovering deleted videos after you empty recycle bin.

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When you deleted your videos,the videos are not permanently erased from your hard drive.You just deleted the entrance of these videos and got them hidden.Before the disk space of the deleted videos is not occupied by other files,you are standing on a good chance to get the deleted videos back.Data recovery software will scan your hard drive and find the deleted videos,and allows you to recover them,save them back to your computer.

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