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How to Recover Files Lost after Cut and Paste?


There are several ways through which you can move files on Windows computer.One easy and extensively used method using Cut and Paste options to transfer files.This method can be performed in two ways,one method is by using keyboard shortcut“Ctrl+X”and“Ctrl+V”keys.Other method includes selecting cut and paste options from menu after right clicking mouse to move a files or folders.When you cut a file,it is temporarily relocated to a virtual clipboard and after pasting it will be moved to a new location specified by you.However,if there are any interruptions before completion of moving files,there are more chances of files getting lost.

The best thing you can do at this stage is to undo the process by using“Ctrl+Z”operation,which moves files right back to the place from where they were before.But this method doesn’t work if you have done another Cut,Copy or Paste tasks or closed files.Before we see how to get missing files,let us learn few causes for losing files while transferring files through the use of Cut-Paste commands as listed below:

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1.Sudden Power Failure:Power failure is one of the most common problem which interrupts file moving process.If file moving process halts before you paste cut files or before all files are transferred,then you lose all files that were being transferred from source storage drive.

2.Improper Removal of Storage Drives:Data transfer computer to external storage drive using Cut–Paste commands can get abruptly terminated when you forcefully eject your external storage media like external hard disk,pen drive,memory card and so on.

3.Other Causes:Other possible reason due to which file transfer gets interrupted includes improper system termination,hardware failure,application malfunction,etc.

However,don’t think that files are permanently lost after using cut and paste commands.If you take immediate actions soon after losing files,you can get back missing files for sure from your storage drive.One of best way to follow in this case is to employ an accurate file recovery tool like Dog Data Recovery,which is capable of restoring lost or missing data without causing any damage.

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