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How To Recover Mac OS X Lost Files with Mac Data Recovery Software?


Mac OS X is regarded as the safest operating system for that it creates the index for all files on Mac OS X hard drive so that every file has entries in the file system index including file name,location,size,type etc.Mac OS X reads all the details of stored files on it and can help to extract it exactly.Whenever a file lost,it still there on the Mac OS X hard drive and could be recovered unless the hard drive had been overwritten by some new data.

Thus,do remember not to put or store new data into your Mac OS X hard drive when you find your data or file are gone.A Mac data recovery software-DogDataRecovery for Mac can help to recover Mac OS X lost files easily.

How to Recover Mac OS X Lost Files with Mac Data Recovery Software?DogDataRecovery for Mac is the most advanced and effective utility to recover lost Mac data like how to recover PNG image file.The software works well with Mac OS X,by supporting HFS,HFS+,HFSX,HFS Wrapper,and FAT file system volumes.

Step 1:Select file types you want to recover.

Mac Data Recovery

What types of files you want to recover?DogDataRecovery for Mac Free allows you to filter file types before it scans your formatted hard drive.Or you just let it find all types of files for you.

Step 2:Scan your formatted hard drive.

Mac Data Recovery

Select your formatted hard drive.If you format your Mac HD,just select the Mac HD.Then click on“Scan”button to search the formatted hard drive and find all deleted/lost files.

Step 3:Preview and recover files after scanning.

Mac Data Recovery

After scanning,you can preview and recover the deleted files.

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