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How to Recover Recently Deleted Files Windows 8?


The latest version of operating system released by Microsoft is Windows 8.This OS has been accepted by the entire world for its highly developed features and an unbeatable graphical user interface.

This is your next generation operating system and can work on all desktops,laptops and other note books.Its desktop has been completely redesigned with all the applications.It has brand new task manager installed in it using which you can easily toggle between different tasks.With the creation of Skydrive,you can synchronize all the files and get access to them on as long as you have connection to internet.

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Now with all these features installed one can find his way to the files which are required to complete certain tasks.There are some scenarios that occur in Windows 8 operating system leading to deletion of all your important documents or files.Below mentioned are some of the ways which lead to deletion of files.

1.Shift Delete keys when pressed simultaneously after selecting the file.

2.Formatting the drive without checking its contents.

3.Emptying Recycle Bin folder without previewing files that are stored in it.

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