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How to Recover Reformatted Files?


"I have reformatted my hard drive,how can I recover files from the reformatted hard drive?I download your software on my computer,is it possible to recover these reformatted files?"–Linda

Everyone will have the sinking feeling when reformatting a hard drive by mistake.Accidently reformatting a hard drive or installing new OS to a wrong hard drive will get all your files lost.Linda has the bad feeling,she lose all documents,photos,videos on reformatted hard drive.No backups are available for data recovery,Linda has to recover formatted files from the original hard drive.Let's read on and see how she recovers her files.

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First:Stop writing to the reformatted hard drive

The first thing you should know is that before new data takes up the disk space you have a good chance to recover reformatted files.Before you get all your files back,you'd better not write new data to the reformatted hard drive.When we receive Linda's email,we strongly suggest that she stop using the reformatted hard drive in case that the lost files would be overwritten by new data.

If you want to successfully recover reformatted files,just stop writing new data to your hard drive.Most of all,quickly find a reformatted files recovery solution from the internet to recover your files.

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