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Free?How to recover the lost files of disk C?


Generally speaking, disk C serves as the system disk. Therefore, the longer time you use the computer, the more you'll find that the space of disk C becomes smaller and smaller. It seems that the computer runs slower and slower.

This is because as the system disk, it stores more and more files. By the way, files on the desktop are generally stored to disk C by default. Thus, when there are more and more files in disk C, many users will choose to sweep up files,so as to clear away the unwanted files.

“I cleared my disk thoroughly, for I found that the storage space of my disk C became smaller and smaller. I was worried that my computer would become very stuck. However, I deleted the files finished not long ago unexpectedly.

Although I searched on the recycle bin, they could not be found. What should I do? I need them back. Is there any software that can recover the files of my disk C? ”

In fact, a lot of users have such problem, as lost of data occurs every day. Then, it comes to the overriding issue, how to recover the lost data of disk C? Don't worry. Please use the data recovery software uncutdata recovery to find

back the lost data of disk C. The continuous improvement of the software uncutdata recovery brings users with the more efficient and convenient operating system. Now, let's learn how to recover files of disk C with the software

Brand software vendor:DogDataRecovery

1:Click to download and start the data recovery software uncutdata recovery. We can see a very concise main interface. First of all, select the type of files you wish to recover.  Since files of disk C are messy, it is suggested that all types of files should be selected.Data Recovery

2:Select the type of files you wish to recover. Then, select the disk partition to recover your files, namely, select the disk partition where the filesare lost. After selecting disk C, the next step is reading.

Data Recovery3:The software will automatically complete reading within a few minutes, and the result will be displayed as the files list and file format list, which can be browsed by double click. If the lost files are not found, please click "Deep Scan" to conduct more detailed and deeper reading.


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As reflected by a lot of users, it is very difficult to recover the files of disk C. Since disk C stores many system files, you should power off the computer immediately after deletion; otherwise, the computer continues to run and disk

C replaces data continuously. Of course, we should not give up the recovery by reason that it is difficult to recover the files. Pay attention not to download files to disk C when downloading the data recovery software uncutdata

recovery. You can place the files into other disks or an external disk to avoid the coverage of data to the largest extent. Data recovery is just like hospital rescue, you should have a try, shouldn't you?

So is the data recovery of other disks. Nonetheless, it is much less difficult to recover data for other disks. After all, unless selected, other disks will not run by default, and the files stored run outside the system. So, you only need

to pay just a little bit of attention. In other words, you can also use  the data recovery software uncutdata recovery to recover the lost data of other disks. Isn't it convenient? By the way, please do not save the files found to the disk

originally stored to, so as to protect the data at the greatest extent.
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Free?How to recover the lost files of disk C?

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