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How to Restore Deleted Files from Windows XP?


You have saved all your files,presentations and reports of your college project on laptop running on Windows XP OS.You thought of deleting few files that you felt were not so important and deleted them by using“Shift+Delete”keys.

Few minutes later,you realized that you have deleted some crucial files of your project work along with the other files.You could not look for the files in Recycle Bin as you shift deleted it,because files deleted using Shift Delete keys will bypass Windows XP Recycle Bin.

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At that moment your mind may stop working as there was no backup of the file and upon that you don’t have time to prepare the assignment again.In such case,you may lose hope thinking that your hard work got wasted.However,Chill!!!Your hard work will not be wasted and you can still manage to get back files that you deleted from Windows XP on your own by using file recovery software.

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