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How to Restore Microsoft Access Files?


“I have dedicated all my efforts and time in preparing database related to my work assignment in MS Access.But yesterday while checking it,my system got shutdown improperly.Upon restarting the system,I found that the MDB(access)files that I have been worked upon are gone and inaccessible.Is there any possible way so that I can get back all those MDB files?”

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A lot of computer users often face this sort of problems while working on their access files.The best way to resolve this issue is by making use of backup.But many users don’t create or forget to keep a backup of their important files.However,you need not conclude that there is no way to recover your files back.Getting back lost data is no longer a difficult task as there are a number of file recovery tools available over the internet to rescue and retrieve your access files.

Since MS Access stores all the data and table entries in MDB files,the reason of Access file loss actually depends on the MDB file.It can be said directly that Access file loss is the consequence of MDB file corruption.All the table entries,forms and other attributes become inaccessible if the MDB file is corrupted.There are several other unexpected reasons which can affect database file.

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Reasons for loss of Access file are:

1.Unintentional deletion of the Access files

2.Storage media corruption due to virus attacks

3.Power failure while using Microsoft Access Database

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4.Bad sectors on storage media

5.Improperly ejecting the storage drive containing Access files

In case you lost your access files due to any of the above mentioned situation,then do not worry!As said earlier,you can easily overcome data loss problem with the help of a professional recovery tool named as Dog Date Recovery.

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About The Software:

Dog Date Recovery software is powerful software that not only recovers Access files but also other MS Office files such as Word,Excel,PowerPoint,Outlook PST file,OneNote,Publisher,etc.It successfully restores all deleted or lost files without affecting a single bit of data during the recovery process.Hence Dog Date Recovery software proves itself as one of the best file recovery software available today.It will recover Access database(.mdb file)created in MS Access 2010,2007,2003,etc.You can also recover password protected files as well.It scans the storage drive and searches for deleted/lost files using their file extensions.It can smoothly run with all major versions of Windows Operating system.

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