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How to Restore Photos from Mac or Emptied Trash?


If you are looking for a solution to restore photos from Mac with no back up, you are at the right place. After deletion, files are lost from Mac hard drive. But the deleted photos can be recovered by Mac file recovery software like DogData. The deleted photos are still in your Mac hard drive before new files take up their disk space. So after deletion, you'd better use Mac file recovery software to restore photos from Mac as soon as possible.

DogData can help Mac users easily and quickly restore Mac photos due to deletion, format, virus infection etc. When you have the need of restoring Mac photos, free download it immediately. It takes only three steps to restore photos from your Mac hard drive or storage media.

Step 1: Select file type that you want to recover

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Step 2: Select hard drive or device where you lose your photos

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Step 3: Find and restore Mac photos

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Two recovery modes for restoring Mac photos

DogData provides two recovery modes for Mac photo recovery. Quick recovery mode scans Mac hard drive quickly and restores Mac photos within a short time. If you can't restore all Mac photos after quick recovery scan, you can try advanced recovery mode which will deeply scan your Mac and find more lost files. It is recommended to try quick recovery mode at first when you are intending to recover Mac photos, because that quick recovery mode takes much shorter time.

Don't save the photos to the drive where you lost them

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As mentioned, the photos can be recovered because the photos' disk space is not taken up by new files. So before you recover all the photos you are looking for, you should not write new data to the hard drive where you lost your photos. The recoverable photos which are found by DogData should be saved on another hard drive.

Preview the photos before you decide to recover them

After scanning, all the recoverable photos will be listed on the software interface. You can preview the photos to check their quality and detail information. It supports to search a photo by name. If you don't have time to recover photos right now, you can export the scanning result for next/later recovery.

Recover other files

DogData is reliable Mac file recovery software that can effectively restore Mac photos. It also supports to recover other types of files like videos, documents, audio files, archives, emails etc. It can recover data from both local and external Mac hard drive, and storage device like SD card, memory card, USB drive etc.

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