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How to restore the data lost in the Windows 10 hard disk?


Deleting is the leading cause of getting files lost.You delete files every day,and frequently empty the recycle bin.Other causes like format,reformat,virus infection,partition loss also lead to loss of data from your Windows 10 hard drive.

If your Windows 10 operating system crashed,you might lose most of important files.As you know,a Windows 10 missing files recovery tool can help you recover missing files from Windows 10 hard drive.But first of all,you should stop writing to your Windows 10 PC to protect original data.

Solution 1:Deleted Files Recovery in Windows 10

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Checking the recycle bin to get files back after deletion is the easiest way to recover deleted files.If you have emptied the recycle before recovery,you'd better download a data recovery tool to help you.

Solution 2:Turning to Data Recovery Service Provider

Actually,you are at high success rate of getting lost files back by sending your Windows 10 PC to a professional data recovery service provider.The data recovery service pros will recover lost files for you.The disadvantages are:expensive fees,privacy leaking,taking a lot of time.

Solution 3:Recovering Missing Files from Windows 10 with DIY Software

It seems like the perfect solution to solve your problem.A DIY software tool like Dog Data Recovery Free can easily get deleted or lost files back from Windows 10 hard drive.It is very simple to use,you need not waste so much time to get your files back.The only thing you have to do is clicking the buttons on the software interface.

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