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How to restore the data without a backup?


These days,an increasing number of people are using computer to store memories,important documents,and various other precious information which need to be kept safely for long periods of time.However,the world is divided into two types of people:those who are suffering data loss and those who are about to.

People don't realize the importance of backing up system until there's something wrong with the operating system,which,however,is usually too late to backup computer system.It is a wise and effort-saving move to backup computer timely and regularly,especially for those who are tired of complicated steps of system reinstallation and those who don't know how to reinstall OS.Of course,some computer users still don't clearly know how to backup a computer。

Data Recovery

How can the data be retrieved when important data in our computer are lost and have no backup?The simplest way is to use professional data recovery software to restore data.Now the data recovery software is very convenient,and it can completely retrieve the lost data,for example,DogDataRecovery Free software.

The operation steps of DogDataRecovery Free software for data recovery:

Step 1:Select the hard drive where you lose your files.

Data Recovery

Step 2:Select the file types you want to recover.

Data Recovery

Step 3:Preview the files and recover the files.

Data Recovery

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