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How to restore the deleted file?


Many times,users put files into the recycle bin,and then empty the recycle bin without thinking.But when users realize that the file is deleted by mistake,it's too late,because the recycle bin has been emptied.In fact,the recycling station is emptied,and there is no need for tension,because the deleted files can be found by using the delete file to restore the software.The following is a brief introduction to how to restore the deleted files.

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1.stop doing anything to the hard disk.The use of inferior data recovery software and other related operations,will make the data recovery success rate becomes smaller.Looking at the existing files,browsing web pages and storing new files to the hard disk,these operations may destroy the original data and affect the final data recovery effect.Therefore,in order to ensure the maximum success rate of deleted file recovery and the loss of files,it is forbidden to save data to the hard disk or install unnecessary programs.

2.use professional data recovery software to restore deleting files.At present,there are many kinds of data recovery software on the Internet.Some bad data recovery software can not only recover lost files completely,but also destroy the original files.Restoring deleted files requires professional data recovery software,such as DogDataRecovery Free,which ensures that the deleted files get the best data recovery effect.

3.,if data loss is complicated and users cannot finish data recovery,users will need to contact with senior engineers of Yi Technology as soon as possible,and get effective solutions for the first time.

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